recurring invoices for Debitoor

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A paid Debitoor plan is required for the usage of Invoice Recur.


Recurring invoices for Debitoor

An easy solution for recurring invoices like maintenance agreements, leases, membership fees, subscriptions or other repetitive invoices.


Customizable intervals

Lets you select weekly, monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or yearly execution of invoice creation. Set your time of first execution.


Have your invoices sent automatically via e-mail

Your invoices are either saved in Debitoor as draft or finished invoice - or they are directly sent to your customers via e-mail.


Recurring expenses for Debitoor

An easy solution for recurring expenses. All your phone, power or hosting invoices can be created automatically in an own chosen interval.


Everything at a glance

Get the best overview on all your ongoing and paused recurring invoices.


E-mail notifications

Get a notification e-mail as soon as one of your invoices has been proceeded.


own e-mail address as sender

With the e-mail package, we’ll send all your customer invoices using your own SMTP server. Your customer will receive the invoice from your e-mail adress (NAME@COMPANY.COM)


Send invoices at any time

Invoice 2 Future will send your invoices at any time - from immediately to any time in the future. Never forget to send invoices to your customer.


Company CI

The e-mail package let you design your mails by yourself - including your logo, favorite colors or your company details in the footer.

All recurring invoices at a glance

Maintenance agreements, leases, membership fees, subscriptions and other repetitive invoices simply organized.

3 steps to your recurring invoice

1 – create invoice

Create your invoice as usual in Debitoor.

2 – set up recurring invoice

Choose your finished invoice in invoice recur as a template for your recurring invoice. Set the interval, an invoice remark, starting-date and the count of executions as you like.

3 – relax

Invoice Recur will execute your recurring invoices from now on. Invoice Recur can save created invoices as draft, done or even send your invoice directly to your customers. Whenever there is a new invoice created you will get a notification to your e-mail inbox.

A paid Debitoor plan is required for the usage of Invoice Recur.