frequently asked questions

Questions regarding features

Do I have to create a completely new invoice for recurring invoices?

No, after you finished your first invoice using Debitoor, you can select it as template for recurring invoices in Invoice Recur. For the moment, Invoice Recur only supports invoices marked as “finished”.

What intervals can I use for my recurring invoices?

Invoice Recur supports weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and yearly creation of your recurring invoices.

What happens, after Invoice Recur created an invoice for me?

When a recurring invoices has been created, it will be saved as draft or done invoice in Debitoor.
Other options are:
- sending notification e-mail to you
- sending invoice directly to customer via e-mail

How often will my recurring invoice be created?

You can set your invoice to recur from 1 time to 9999 times.

Questions regarding the Invoice Recur membership

Are there any registration requirements?

There are some technical restrictions for none Debitoor users who use the free plan.For this reason, you need to book a paid Debitoor plan to get Invoice Recur to work.

How can I pay?

Your payment will be processed securely by our partner Paymill. You can choose between credit card (VISA or Mastercard) and sepa-transaction.

Is there any minimum duration of my subscription?

No. Your Premium subscription can be cancelled any time . Your membership will then be terminated after the end of the current month. All extra features of the premium membership will be lost until you rebook it.

Downgrade of the Premium Membership to the free version

Once the premium term is over, the extra features are disabled (see overview).
If at this time more jobs have been created than are included in the free version, all jobs are paused by us.
These can be manually restarted.
We will inform you by email, so no jobs are paused accidentally.

Questions regarding the E-Mail Package membership

What can I do with the e-mail package?

Use this feature to send all your customer invoices with your own mail server (SMTP) instead of using the Debitoor gateway. Including your own logo or company colors is pretty easy with our e-mail designer.

All your e-mails will have your own e-mail adress as sender.

You need to book the e-mail package or the all-in package.

Send invoices with your own e-mail address

Use your own e-mail server (SMTP) for sending your invoices. Your customers will receive all invoices with your own e-mail address (NAME@COMPANY.COM) - including your company design with logo and custom colors.

Where is the e-mail package useful?

At the moment, you can use this feature for two capabilities:

  • alternatively to the Debitoor e-mail gateway, you can send all generated Invoice Recur invoices with your own SMTP server
  • Invoice 2 Future
What is Invoice 2 Future?

Invoice 2 Future makes it possible to send finished invoices or invoice drafts at any time via your own e-mail server.

The time can be chosen freely - from IMMEDIATELY to any time in the future.

In the future, always send your customer invoices in your company design with your own e-mail address as sender!

Questions regarding security

Is my data safe?

Yes, every data transmission is SSL-encrypted.
We will only store data, which is essential to the features of Invoice Recur.

We never read or use company-specific information. We recognize the responsibility of your data - therefore all security issues are very important for us.

Is there any encryption of the connection?

Yes, every connection is SSL-encrypted.

We’re using a certificate from Comodo.


Where do you host Invoice Recur?

All servers of Invoice Recurs are in Germany.


A paid Debitoor plan is required for the usage of Invoice Recur.