why we built Invoice Recur

We love Debitoor

but there was always something missing:
The possibility to automatically create recurring invoices in Debitoor. This is why worked on Invoice Recur over the last months. A simple and reliable extension which brings you all the functionality you need to provide you recurring invoices for all kinds of needs: Maintenance agreements, leases, membership fees, subscriptions and other repetitive invoices.

Invoice Recur brings recurring invoices to Debitoos - finally

We put a lot of inspiration, hard work and passion into our extension to provide you with a simple, clean and functional user interface. Saving you time and money - again and again.

flexible & simple

Invoice recur can create invoices in different intervals - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quartely, bi-annualy or yearly.
Already finished invoices from Debitoor can be used as a template for your automatically generated invoices.

many possibilities

As soon as a new task is executed, your invoice will either be saved as draft or done in Debitoor.
If you like you will even get a notification to your e-mail inbox or the finished invoice will be sent directly to your customer’s e-mail.

A paid Debitoor plan is required for the usage of Invoice Recur.