Basic Details About Oil-Free Screw Air Compressors


Compressors have successfully taken an integrated part in most of the commercial as well as industrial processes. They are considered perfect for producing large amounts of compressed air and with the help of this compressed air, a lot of equipment and machinery can be powered. Therefore they are demanded not only by manufacturing industries but also by construction sites.

If you are in search of the best air compressor for you then you will be offered several compressors along with amazing features. But, today’s article is about oil free screw air compressor manufacturers and everything important about Air Screw without Oil compressors. Have a further look to get more info about these types of compressors.

What Are Air Screw without Oil Compressors?

The type of compressors that are functioning without demanding oil lubrication in the compression chamber is referred to as Air Screw without Oil compressors. Air Screw without Oil compressors come with advanced technology that allows them to get rid of the oil needed for lubricating all the moving parts.

The advanced sealing technology measures in these types of compressors play a great role in preventing the metal-to-metal contact in the rotors and as a result, clean and dry air output is obtained. The industries where special strictness is demanded regarding air quality, Screw the air compressor without oil are highly preferred.

For instance, they are commonly found in the production of electronics, food, and beverage as well as pharmaceuticals as they demand 100% oil-free air output. Moreover, you don’t have to put more effort into its maintenance than traditional compressors because you don’t have to change the oil again and again and filter replacement is also not essential.

As its maintenance is not a big deal therefore it also results in a low operating cost. You can also find other different categories of Air Screw without Oil compressors like two-stage compressors, variable speed compressors, air-cooled compressors or portable compressors, etc. Each type comes with distinct specifications and industrial applications.

Explaining the Working Principle of Screw without Oil Compressors

The entire working principle of a Screw the air compressor without oil is free of complications and contains a pair of rotors having opposite rotating directions in a housing. Whenever the rotors turn, trap or compress the air within the screw air compressor, as a result, the present helical lobes in it mush together.

There is an outlet valve present in the compressor that lets the compressed air discharged from it so that it can be used for different purposes. A sophisticated control system is being installed in No-oil Screw Air compressors that are given the responsibility to monitor all the operating parameters like pressure or temperature.

This control system not only prevents the screw air compressor from damage but also enhances its efficiency. In addition to monitoring the operating parameters, this control system can also control the speed of the screw air compressor, and cooling fans as well as turn the unit off if needed.

Best Platform to Get a Screw Compressor

If you are satisfied with working with a No-oil Screw Air compressor then it’s important to have information about the best and most reliable platform from where you can get an efficient compressor. WEMANO is considered among the top listed and authentic platforms that let its customers have the best product at all costs.

This leading manufacturer offers its customers top-quality oil-free screw compressors and their manufacturing ensures good quality reliability and high performance. You will never be disappointed with its working, after all, this platform has a distinct position in the market along with years of experience.

Sum Up

Screw the air compressor without oil are getting great demand in the market as the users don’t have to change the oil again and again. The design of this compressor is very human-friendly and offers amazing benefits to us. You don’t even have to consume your time, money, and effort in maintaining it.


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