Gold Lanterns: Things to Know about its History & Uses


Lanterns have been used from a very old time for lighting at night. Centuries ago, when there was no source of electricity for light at night, they used lanterns against darkness. As time passed, lanterns became more decorative and beautiful and used for decorative purposes more than lighting.

You can find discussion about gold lanterns in detail with their construction, uses, and a little about modern lanterns.

Gold lanterns

A lantern is simply a portable light source that contains a metal or glass enclosure with a light source. Historically, it contained a candle or maybe a wick in oil, but now in the modern era, it contains battery-powered light as a light source in a case. It may easily move around anywhere and hang up for lighting inside or outside as you want.

Construction of gold lanterns

Gold lanterns are made of gold metal sides (four or maybe eight) or round, and at the top, they contain a hook or hoop of metal like gold or silver. On the sides, some translucent material like glass or plastic is used so that it does not block light inside it. Inside this frame, lanterns contain a light source like a candle, wick in oil, or battery-powered light.

In modern lanterns, the electric light source is placed in a decorative glass case.

Uses of gold lanterns

There are many uses of lanterns; among them, some are enlisted below:

  • In the early era, lanterns are used to prevent candles and wick from wind and rain. Antique lanterns have only metal cases which show their purpose of extinguishing wicks or candles from the air and preventing high fire flame from causing sudden fires.
  • In ancient times, lanterns were also used as signals at railway stations to stop cars and other vehicles before train arrival. In nautical communication, ships used lanterns to communicate as far back as.
  • Lanterns are used in festivals worldwide, like the lantern festival in china, the Seoul lantern festival in South Korea, and the Obon festival in japan.
  • It can be used on religious occasions by Christians, such as holy fire and black Saturday.
  • Lanterns are mostly known as a light source, but now it is also used for decorative purposes. A wide range of decorative lanterns is available now. Silver or gold lanterns are used in wedding decor or birthday decor to look different.

Modern lanterns

Some modern lanterns are listed below:

Fueled lanterns

Fuel lanterns use natural gas or propane, which secure smooth burning fuels. The gas for the lanterns is controlled by using a switch that best emits enough fuel at one time to light the flame. The light switches can switch off if the flame is going out or you wish to turn off the lantern.

Electric lanterns

Electric lanterns are used for different voltage supplies to illuminate our rooms, houses, streets, and stations. They are more portable, safer, and turn out less heat than other lanterns. Decorative electric lanterns are used in aesthetic design and room decors.


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